Inflight Wellbeing: When It’s Appropriate To Drink Without Eating

The champagne we don't finish.

The champagne we don’t finish.

As I’m preparing for an eleven and half hour flight tonight, I am thinking about planning what I am going to eat, and when, to arrive without bloating.

When it’s appropriate to drink without eating:
This is a cardinal rule when you’re above 10000 feet. I won’t insult you by explaining the importance of drinking water in the air – this goes hand in hand with why it is never ok to actually finish your welcome glass of champagne.

Your body absorbs less oxygen in cabin pressure and needs oxygen to digest food – it doesn’t take a masters degree to workout why you shouldn’t touch the food. Yes, even if you’re flying First. Even if you’re going private.

Digestion takes away much needed oxygen from your blood and skin and leaves you with that bloated sluggish feeling. Disgusting.

If your flight is over four hours then plan accordingly and eat in the lounge before boarding. Snacking involves bringing some dried fruit in your carry-on (but remember to leave it on board once you land – especially when landing in New Zealand or Australia ). I picked up a few dates and dried coconut from Whole Foods this morning.

Under four hours and you should be able to get away with politely declining meals and sip keep sipping your water.

As I fly regularly I do my best to avoid bloating because..
I’m Just Not That Way.

Pre-flight dining.

Pre-flight dining.


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