Borodino Battlefield, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Бородинское Поле, Московская область, Россия

Borodino Battlefield (Бородинское поле) is the site of some of the most infulintial battles in Russian military history.
The Battle of Borodino (Бородинское сражение) was fought between the Russians and the French on September 7th, 1812. It was the single deadliest day of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Russians also fought the Germans here in the Battle of Moscow (Битва за Москву).  This battle occurred between October 1941 and January 1942.

This is the view of the central monument from the air. There are several monuments scattered around Borodino Battlefield, including one dedicated to the French soldier who died here.

The Battle of Borodino represented the last Russian effort at stopping the Napoleon’s Grande Armée from advancing on Moscow. The Russian army eventually fell, but was not effectively beaten by Napoleon; leaving the French incapable of conquering Czar Alexander.

The outcome being a retreat from Moscow and the defeat of the French invasion.


Here is a bunker from the 1941 Battle of Moscow against Hitler’s army. Trenches are still located behind this bunker. You can see how exposed both parties must have been during the battle.

You can go inside the bunker, but be mindful of your shoes. It is very wet and muddy inside. These are the same conditions that young Russian soldiers would have encountered when defending Moscow against the Germans.

Here are some young Russian boys, coming to learn about their country’s military history. They are listening to their instructor explain the importance of Borodino Battlefield.

There are reenactments that take place here regularly. Men dress as Russian, French, and German soldiers, and set up camp. They teach the children who come here how to fire blanks out of rifles. (I think this is a little terrifying, but this is very Russian.)

Massive battle reenactment take place here a couple times a year, and they draw quite the crowd.

This is arguably the most important battle field in Russia, and I really recommend a visit here. It doesn’t matter if you are American, German, French, Russian, or Chinese. This is a piece of history that you don’t want to miss.






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