10 Essential Phrases You Need In Paris


Before heading to a different country it is in your favour to learn a few phrases of the local language. This is never more true than in France. I have taken the liberty of rustling together 10 phrases to improve your French and make any excursion to Paris thoroughly more enjoyable and effortless chic.

Hello – Bonjour
Enchanted to meet you. – Enchanté de vous connaître.
Where is Chanel? – Où est Chanel?
Do you have this in a size 36? – Avez-vous cela taille 36 ?
Do you take Amex? – Acceptez vous Amex?
A table for two, please. – Une table pour deux, s’il vous plaît.
I’ll have a glass of champagne. – Je voudrais une coupe de champagne.
More pressure on my shoulders! – Plus de pression sur mes épaules.
Michael Kors scares me. – Michael Kors me fait peur.
I am so over Monaco right now. – Monaco ne m’interesse plus du tout maintenant.

I’m just not that way. – Je ne suis juste pas comme ça.

There will be more to come on where to stay and eat in Paris over the next few days! Better not to find yourself wading through the people on the Champs-Elysee… We’re Just Not That Way.




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