Moscow State Exhibition Hall ‘New Manege’ / Новый Манеж

Валерий Кошляков Герб. 2006

Moscow is a city of art and culture. Art, music, and literature is a significant part of the collective cultural awareness here.

The Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Центральный Манеж) is an institution that celebrates and showcases Russian art, and it also has a smaller counter part.

The Moscow State Exhibition Hall ‘New Manege’ (Новый Манеж) located near to the ordinal Manege in central Moscow. As a side note, the name of this institution should not be confused with the French word manège, which means attraction.

The photos of for this article are from the VLADEY exhibition organized by VLADEY auction house.

The ‘New Manege’ offers a great selection of modern Russian art at a lower square footage.

This exhibition hall is relatively small, consisting of two wings, making this a great place to get a concentrated yet not overwhelming dose of Russian culture.

Most visitors to Moscow are looking for the best of the best when it comes to Russian culture, and that includes not only the past but the present. This exhibition hall gives you access to art created by mostly living and working Russian artists.

If you look closely at this piece by Anatoly Osmolovsky you can see the a figure of a man. The effect becomes stronger the farther away you stand from the piece. The medium used here is wood, and this is piece one out of a series titled ‘Bread‘.

Above is a mixed media painting by artist Rostan Tavasiev. The title of this work is ‘The Big Diagonal Dog‘, and as you can see the artist has chosen to use this stuffed animal as his paint brush. The colors here are vaguely patriotic, and the imagery of the plush dog toy striking.

Константин Звездочетов Типы Москвы Амазонки. 2002-2004

Constantine Stargazers is known for his comic book inspired aesthetic. He uses this colorful style of painting to convey deeper political and social ideas, often with humor. This piece is titled Moscow‘s Amazon, and portrays female Amazonian warriors as super heros fighting in the streets of Moscow. 

This tapestry is by artist Sergei Bugaev, also known as Afrika. His hand made tapestries are what he is known for, and they are what he uses to convey a variety of political and cultural ideas.

This piece titled ‘Aphasia’ is particularly provocative. Aphasia being a language disorder that effects one’s ability to read and write. The literal translation into Greek means to be without speech.

Moscow has some of the best contemporary art in the world, that those in the west are not always exposed to. I encourage you to do research before your next trip to Moscow in order to get the most that this city has to offer.

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