Mitzva Bar: Moscow, Russia 

Mitzva bar is a Moscow hipster hangout you don’t want to miss. The entrance is down one of Moscow’s many hidden courtyard entrances. Marked only by a small sign, this basement restaurant draws an interesting crowd of trendy Muscovites.

Address: Pyatnitskaya St., 3/4, Bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia. Metro: Novokuznetskaya

Адрес: Пятницкая ул., 3/4, стр. 1, 115035. м. Новокузнецкая.

Mitzva Bar is a restaurant that serves Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Israeli fusion cuisine with a kitschy feel. They creatively utilize Jewish culture, which informs the cuisine and décor.

The menu design is inspired by the Torah, and fits in perfectly with the theme of the restaurant. (It also makes deciding what to order feel very important.)

Mitzva Bar feels like it is out of another era with dim lighting and vintage décor. The interiors are reminiscent of underground speakeasy circa WWII. The setting is perfect for intimate conversation with friends or a relaxed rendezvous with someone special.


This underground setting inspires feeling of nostalgia. There are beautiful reflections of Jewish culture around every corner in this small setting. It is easy to see why artists and Moscow’s most creative would be drawn to this place.


The names of the dishes and cocktails are directly inspired from Jewish culture. There are adorable cocktail names like Bar Mitzvah, Gentiana Spritz, Mesibat Aviv, and Original Sin.

I ordered the Bat Mitzvah, a cold sweet cocktail made with porto LBV, yoghurt liqueur, creme de cassis, vanilla syrup, and egg. If you have a sweet tooth, this is tasty cocktail I would highly recommend. The presentation here is is as charming as the interiors.

The presentation has a farm to table vibe. A lot of restaurants in Moscow have an old fashioned formal way of presenting and serving food. Mitzva Bar is relaxed and the cuisine unique and served with distinct style.

I ordered the falafel with fennel and hatsilim. It was made with wholesome ingredients and served on Russian black bread.

Home made flower ice cream is the perfect punctuation to this meal. This sweet treat tasted of honey with distinct floral undertones.

Overall, my experience here was excellent. I enjoyed the theme and décor, as well as the crowd that comes to dine here. The portions here are small relatively speaking, which is something to keep in mind before dining here.

Add this restaurant to your list of Moscow musts, you wont be disappointed.

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