10 Essential Phrases You Need In Russia


Before heading to Russia it is advisable for those unfamiliar with the language or the Cyrillic alphabet to either download a good translator app or have a few key Russian phrases memorized. Because Russian is a much less common language to study internationally, it is less expected for foreigners to speak it. Therefore when you have small exchanges in Russian with people, it is not only more appreciated but more impressive.

Here are a few less conventional but absolutely essential Russian phrases to take with you on your next trip to Russia and/or any other former СССР governed country.

10 Essential Russian Phrases

by Katherine from Just Not That Way

  • Hello, pleasure to meet you. – Здравствуйте, приятно познакомиться.
    • Zdravstvuyteб priyatno poznakomitsa.
  • Where is TsUM? – Где ЦУМ?
    • Gday tsoom?
  • Do you have this in a size 36? –  у вас это есть в тридцать шестом размере?
    • Oo vas eto yest’ v tridtsat’ pyatom razmere?
  • A table for two, please. – Столик на двоих, пожалуйста
    • Stolik na dvoikh, pozhaluysta.
  • Cafe Pushkin isn’t what it used to be. – Кафе пушкин больше не такой, каким он был раньше.
    • Kafe pushkin bol’she ne takoy, kakim on byl ran’she.
  • I’ll have a glass of champagne. – Можно бокал шампанского.
    • Mozhno bokal Shampanskogo.
  • More pressure on my shoulders please! – больше давления на плечи, пожалуйста! (For Spa)
    • Bol’she davleniya na plechi, pozhaluysta!
  • Michael Kors scares me. – Майкл Корс пугает меня.
    • Maykl Kors pugayet menya.
  • I am so over Minsk right now. – Мне так надоел Минск в данный момент.
    • Mne tak nadoyel Minsk v dannyy moment.
  • Cocktails are on me! – Коктейль за мой счет!
    • Kokteyl’ za moy schet!

And if you ever need to explain yourself in Russian consider the phrase, “I’m just not that way…”  and its Russian equivalent, “Я просто другая. – ya prosto drugaya”  The exact phrase doesn’t translate, but the Russian equivalent means something like I am of another.

For more information on things to do and where to eat in Moscow see the Travel section of our homepage at justnotthatway.com. Current post about Russia include  Mitzva Bar, New Manege Exhibition Hall, Borodino Battlefield, and more.




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