Boating on Lake Como, Italy

I prefer lake views to ocean ones, because they feel more dynamic to me than the vast endlessness that an oceanfront view can have. I like to look out over the lake and see the other side; to have green trees, and nature facing right back at me from across the water. The mountains around Lake Como create the perfect border between the lake and the sky. Seeing these great mountains slope downward and melt into the lake is particularly striking.

Colombo boats, was founded in 1956 by Giacomo Colomo, and they are a signature to Lake Como. It was the first Italian nautical pleasure boat of its kind. He was the first to combine the hand-crafted production of wooden motorboats with the semi-industrial expansion with the models in fibreglass, in Italy.

Having a Colombo boat is truly a luxury and not because of the price tag, which you can inquire if you contact a dealer. It is because of the limited quantity in which they are made. Currently, Colombo is producing around 40 boats annually, all crafted by a team of 35 workers in the ship of Menaggio and Bene Lario. The craftsmanship and style that goes into producing one of these is something that one cannot get anywhere else.

If you’re like me and enjoy looking at different villas and their gardens, taking in the fresh air, and people watching, then being out on Lake Como is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The elaborate way some the gardens are kept look as if they are from a fairytale. There are such beautiful homes here, and you can tell that most of them must have a long history. I love to try and guess about the house and it’s history. You can only stop and wonder what the original family might have been like, and who lives there now.

People can be seen fishing along various docks, and shore lines, as well as sitting down at an outdoor cafes. Occasionally you might catch a glimpse of someone sitting on a private terrace or entering a villa. It is a quietly beautiful experience, to watch a man throw out a line, or the family sit down to lunch, with the water below them and the mountains above.

One thing is certain, being on Lake Como makes one nostalgic for a more romantic period of European history. It is certainly a nice reprieve from the city. Here there is still an old world charm that is so often absent from one’s day to day life, or at least less noticeable.




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