A Day On The Water In Malta


The Mediterranean is one of the most famously beautiful seas in the world. The Maltese islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo are wonderfully situated right in the middle of it. Gliding through the water, surrounded by stunning scenery, it is an experience which will not be quickly forgotten.

Taking an early morning traditional Maltese fishing boat across the Grand Harbour from Valletta to Kalkara affords majestic views of the Knights Templar forts of this historic city. Upon arriving at the marina, our skipper, from Malta Charters, guides us aboard our private sailing boat.
Gliding out the harbour, we leave the iconic portrait of St. John’s Cathedral behind us. To the left I watch the bay’s of Sliema and St Julian’s pass by, taking deep breathes of fresh salty air into my polluted London lungs.

Our skipper takes us to beautiful spots along Comino and Gozo, pointing out caves and pockets of crystal clear water, before letting down the anchor at Crystal Lagoon – a far more peaceful location than the overly populated Blue Lagoon – where he gives us space to enjoy a snorkel, swim and relaxed lunch with the Maltese radio playing softly in the background.

The afternoon slips by. Soon, the boat is pulling back into Grand Harbour and as the sun sets we watch the shadows fall over Valletta.
Where possible, time on a private boat is an absolute must to view a new perspective of the place you’re visiting. It is the perfect way to spend a few hours disconnecting, take in the sun on your skin and allow the movement of the sea to lull you into the narrative of a good book.

I wouldn’t do anything else… I’m Just Not That Way,



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