Glamour on Lake Como

Lake Como has been a destination for the rich and famous since the time of the early Roman Empire, and that tradition is still going strong today. Perfectly manicured gardens and perfectly manicured mistress are some of the things that come to mind when thinking of Lake Como.

The villa’s pool overlooks Lake Como, and has a infinity edge, that creates a seamless connection with the lake. Needless to say the view from lounging in front of the pool is stunning.

The beautiful Villa Giuseppina, in the Griante province is listed as one of Italy’s Top 100 Villas of 2014, and has the location and grounds to prove it.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether something is chic or not, but when they put it in a book trust me it’s chic.

It is important to know that Lake Como is not all private villas; one can find accommodation at several price points. There are some really beautiful historic hotels along Lake Como that are perfect for a romantic Italian getaway. Nothing here is short on old world charm.

This is the perfect environment to read or write in. It inspires a feelings of romance and nostalgia. Especially if you have a have some Italian wine to help you along. Just let the Vernaccia guide your fingertips, and I’m sure in addition to lost of speling errors you’l find much wizdom.


There are several gardens that decorate the grounds to Villa Giuseppina, and they help to create a border between the villa and the outside world. This is the real definition of luxury.

In addition to the pool, there is a separate building for the gym, as well as the spa, and a small orchard with beautiful mountain views. Virtually everywhere on Lake Como has an exceptional view. No matter where you stay here, you will not be disappointed.


A pathway of hydrangea, winds its way up to a tucked away gym. With a glass front, and mirrored walls, that give you the feel of working out in a greenhouse, this home gym brings the outside in.

Remember that even if you are on an Italian holiday, your thighs should never go on holiday.


A romantic vine covered walkway connects the second floor of the villa to the grounds.

It looks like something those random girls who are always on the beach, traveling, and doing yoga on Instagram, but no one is actually sure what they do for a living, might post.

And in this case it totally is. Check out my Insta. xx


Just around the end of the walkway is a path to a private spa, complete with lounge area, sauna, massage table, and jacuzzi.

View of the Spa

View of the Spa

Hydrangeas bring beautiful shades of pink, purple, and blue that decorate the front lawn, and pathways. Being one of my favorite flowers, I of course approve.

The hundreds of different flowers decorating every corner of the grounds, create a soft but fragrant scent that permeates the air. It makes eating outside here particularly special. Not to mention the view or the private chef.


There is nothing better than being in an elegant environment with beautiful hand crafted food and excellent wine.

Property with access to the lake will cost you anywhere from around 5 million dollars to around 30 million dollars, but it’s easy to see why.

Breakfast is made glamorous with a picturesque view of Lake Como to look out over.

Suddenly the Italian property tax system feels like a distant memory.


Sometimes nothing hits the spot better than a little something sweet to punctuate a meal.


The most important thing to do in Lake Como is not take life too seriously. Lake Como is glamorous and romantic, and you should feel that way while you are here. And of course, drink bellinis until you think you’re Monica Bellucci…





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