Hiking The Volcanic Hills: Saint Kitts, Caribbean

This has been the driest rain season Saint Kitts and Nevis has seen in a long time. What is typically lush tropical vegetation has turned to dust this year. I will say this is not true for every part of the island; Kittitian Hill is still green and vibrant.

I am hiking one of many trails here in Saint Kitts. This one starts at Sand Bank Bay, which is located on the Southeast Peninsula. The trail snakes up the surrounding hills and has stunning views of both islands.

I am wearing a top by Michi NY, and shorts by Olympia Activewear.

This trail is around 3.5 miles or 5.6 km, and is all uphill. Until you hike down of course…

Similar to many Caribbean islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis were both formed from volcanic eruptions. The mineral rich earth is usually fertile with life. Now hills look more like the dessert than the tropics.

It is an unusual year for both Saint Kitts and Nevis. Not only is the drought changing the landscape, but if you look at the coast line, you will see a thick ring of seaweed. I am told this is because the rising ocean temperatures have effected the volume that is washing ashore.

However, the natural beauty of the Saint Kitts is still there. It has been stripped back to its volcanic roots, and the higher you go the better the view gets.

If you are in Saint Kitts and Nevis and plan to do any hiking here, you should definitely bring water.

Temperatures were about 32C/91F…. and with no shade you’re going to need to stay hydrated.

What was once a dirt trail turns entirely to rocks, as I make my way farther up the mountain. Needless to say, this makes things significantly harder to navigate. For the more than a mile it is only rocks that lead the way.

I don’t have pictures of that portion, but staying on the mountain was my highest priority at that point.

This is the view of Christophe Harbour from one of the volcano peaks. You really get a feel for the country’s landscape from up here.  For my active travellers out there, hiking is a must while you are in Saint Kitts. You get a beautiful view of both islands, and a great workout.

From here you can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. To the right you can see the Atlantic side of the island where Sand Band Bank Bay is located. On the left there is the Great Salt Pond, a landlocked saltwater pond that is only separated from the Caribbean sea by a small strip of land.

The trail goes far beyond this point, over to the nearest peak, but after 2 miles of climbing rocks, it was time to call it a day.

On the other side of this peak you can sea Nevis. The trickiest part of this hike will be coming down. It is one think to climb up rocks, but something else entirely to come down.

If you’re like me, and have bad dreams about overly steep inclines, try to keep it together.

Watch your step,



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