The Pavilion Beach Club, Saint Kitts, Caribbean 

 The Pavilion Beach Club is located at Christophe Harbour, in Saint Kitts.

It is a private members club, but is open to the public for dinner Tuesday through Friday, and is definitely worth a visit while you are on holiday in Saint Kitts.

The amenities make this a beautiful environment to enjoy dinner. The open concept design, connect The Pavilion with the ocean. There are private sitting areas that are perfect for intimate conversation and cocktails, as well as a cocktail cabana.

If you want to have a romantic dinner while you are in Saint Kitts, this is the right environment.

Tell any taxi driver you want to go to The Pavilion, and they will know exactly where to take you.

Lunch and dinner will begin with an amuse-bouche of the day. Today is a lightly fried chip with spicy bean dip.

I like the menu here because it is relatively classic, but each dish is served with a bit of flair.

As an appetizer, the tuna tartare is served in Chinese duck spoons. Not only is this charming, but it’s perfect to share.

I ordered the lobster salad with bacon and apple, as my main coarse. The lobster was fresh, soft, and flavorful. The dressing didn’t overpower the natural flavor of the lobster, which can often happen.

Fresh seafood is a highlight of coming to the Caribbean, and when a chef knows what they are doing, nature and nurture meet.

With a light dressing and lemon to spritz over the salad, the tropical weather complimented the flavor.

Deciding if I want a cocktail or not was the hardest part of my meal. (Mama loves a good drink…) However, I chose to limit my consumption to the evening this time, and stick with water.

 Although, I will say they are generous with their alcohol to mixer ratio here. I do recommend ordering a drink or three while you are here.

The Pavilion is must stop dinner while you are in Saint Kitts.

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