Belle Mont Farm, Saint Kitts, Caribbean 


Belle Mont Farm is unique because in addition to being a luxurious place to stay and dine, they have self sustaining farm. The tropical organic farm is what gives Belle Mont Farm its name. Sustainable farming is central to the hotel’s ethos, and their cuisine.

“The story of Belle Mont Farm and Kittitian Hill begins with a single idea – creating a new destination unlike any existing ‘sustainable hotel’ that would bring people together to form a community that benefits both locals and visitors alike.” -Belle Mont Farm


Featured by Mr and Mrs Smith as the resort to stay at in Saint Kitts, this is definitely a boutique luxury resort to take note of.

Situated on Kittitian Hill in Saint Kitts, this location is considered to be very rural buy locals. However, the location is also what allows Belle Mont Farm to have one of the most amazing views in Saint Kitts. In my opinion, allot of what makes this hotel special is its relatively remote location.

To get up to the resort, you must take a golf cart ride through the jungle. Being introduced to the resort via jungle path is both charming and entertaining. The mountain views here are incredible.


The interior design of the main house is simply perfection. It is a combination of this old 1950’s-60’s island home feel, with a luxurious eclectic mixture of ornate and found pieces. Nautical themes tie the different spaces together.

Its architecture fits perfectly with the landscape, showcasing beautiful views from every possible vantage point.

The pool is simply stunning with an infinity edge that elongates your view. On a clear day you can see as far as Saint Barts. Need I say more when a picture is worth a thousand words?

Guest who come here will stay in individual guest houses, located on the slope of Kittitian Hill. This community, is set to be officially finished at the end of 2015, but what has been done, is truely lovely.

If you aren’t staying at Belle Mont Farm while you are in Saint Kitts, it is absolutely worth it to spend the afternoon here. You can go on a tour of the farm, and enjoy lunch with a beautiful view.

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