Blue Hill Books: Independent Book Store, Maine 

Independent book stores are great places to visit while you are traveling. You really get a good feel for the local culture of a place from independent books stores that you don’t always get from just walking the streets.

Here in Blue Hill, Maine, the aptly named Blue Hill Books has been open since 1986, and is located just off the main street of town.

The first thing you see at the entrance to Blue Hill Books, is a hand written list of their best sellers. Not only is this insanely charming, but I think it’s interesting to know what people in the area are reading.

The selection of books here is vast, taking into consideration its small size. You can see that there is a real sense of personal investment in the book selection right from the get go.

Here you can see On The Move by the late Oliver Sachs, nestled between Stalin Volume I by Stephen Kotkin and The Folded Clock – A Diary by Heidi Julatvis.

Local book stores are also great places to pick up less conventional gifts for friends and loved ones. (You might even find that you walk away with a book to accompany you on your travels.)

Blue Hill Books has a children’s section with a shelve dedicated solely to books by authors and/or illustrators from Maine.

A children’s book from here would be a thoughtful way to remember a trip. It’s a huge step up from a snow globe.

This is definitely a book shop with a sense of humor. Independent book stores are all curated so differently.

It gives you a great feel for the personality of the owner and the area. If you are in or near Blue Hill, Maine… make sure Blue Hill Books is part of your travel itinerary.




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