Phyto Paris, Phytophanère Hair & Nail Supplement

The Phytophanère hair and nail supplement by Phyto Paris is one of my favorite beauty products. I have been taking it religiously for the last 4 months, and am very happy with the results.

This product is meant to improve weak, thinning, and damaged hair and nails. It is recommended by Phyto Paris to take two sessions of this product twice a year, when hair naturally sheds, in the fall and spring. (A session is 4 months.)

I buy the double pack of the Phytophanère Duo hair and nail supplement which in total contains 240 caplets It costs $82 and is sold at Sephora, as well as several different retailers here in the the U.S. and internationally.


Not only have I seen growth in my hair, but my eyelashes have benefited as well. I have very long eyelashes already, and now they are just the tiniest bit longer, and much thicker.

Remember that any hair growth product you take will not deliver over night results. This process takes several months of consistent use, and this product is no different.

For best results you are meant to take two pills in the morning. I have found that this has been an easy thing to fit into my morning routine.

I have tried similar products in the past and was never able to stick with them long enough. This product is great for me because it ‘feels’ like it’s much better quality than something you might pick up at a health food store.

The packaging is sleek, and the pill itself is nice and easy to take. They are small and smell vaguely of chocolate.

Since I started taking the Phytophanère hair and nail supplement, I have noticed that my hair sheds much less than it used to. It has also gotten a little bit thicker and definitely longer.

Clearly time is also a factor in my hair growth, but I promise you my hair usually grows so slowly that I can tell the difference.

I started to see notable growth around that third month, but started seeing other benefits much sooner. However, if you can hold out until you finish a session you will obviously get the best results.


This is a product that isn’t going to leave my beauty counter anytime soon.





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