Lake Tahoe, California 


I am here at The Ritz Carlton in beautiful Lake Tahoe, enjoying the fresh mountain air. Situated on the boarder between California and Nevada, this lake is one of the clearest in North America. 

The water in Lake Tahoe is so clear, that in some places you can see the lake bed from as far down as 70 feet. 


In the winter this resort is a major destination for winter sports, and in summer it is perfect for beautiful hikes and warm weather outdoor activities. 


Regardless of the season, this is the perfect place for day drinking, and lounge around.


It’s reported that Mark Twain and his brother Jonny carelessly started a devastating wildfire here in 1861. (As opposed to thoughtfully starting the wildfire.)

The spa here is really wonderful. It’s the perfect place to relax and get a signature massage. One thing I can never stress enough is the importance of regular massages. 

Life is stressfull enough without having to also carry that stress in your neck and shoulders. 




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