Mitad del Mondo, Ecuador


It’s August. London is grand and the property market is a hot hectic mess (read also: underground). So in order to find my metaphorical centre I thought it appropriate to take a glance back to Mitad del Mondo – the ‘centre of the world’ in Ecuador.


Ecuador sits on the equator. Yes I see your mind clicking, as mine did, English never strays too far from its Latin roots.


Take a taxi 20 minutes out of Quito to said equator and walk through the (slightly phallic) monuments and art installations.

The museum exhibits the stories through the ages of scientists working out that the world is in fact round and the magnetic forces which are associated with the earth’s core.


Take pictures from the view at the top.


Wander around the cute restaurants and souvenir shops. A great place to bargain for an alpaca scarf, or two (‘winter is coming’).

Mitad del Mundo also sits next door to the architecturally impressive UNASUR building.

I wouldn’t get too close to those feisty fenced in alpacas though…

I’m Just Not That Way.




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