Exploring Hidden Beaches in Lake Tahoe, California 


If you are vacationing on Lake Tahoe for the first time, it is important to know that every nook and cranny of this lake is stunning. 

The water here is some of the clearest lake water in the world. As stated previsouly in an other article: you can see down to the bottom for up to 70 feet in some areas of Lake Tahoe. 

As you drive around the rim of Lake Tahoe you will see small shoulders in the rode that can fit maybe three cars maximum. 


I will tell you that they are there for a reason. Just over the other side of the partition that separates the rode from the water is probably a very cool beach.

You should explore these areas. Do not feel limited because you are leaving your car by a busy road, and crossing an unmarked bit of partition. Yes, it feels wrong, (…and should you socialy inappropriate peice of trash) but here it is socially exeptable. So, do as the Romans do! 


They are accessible only by boat, kayak, or parking on the shoulder of the road and claiming down. 

I climbed down, and I must say it was stressful in my outfit. If you know me this will be particularly hilarious. 


Each beach is unique and absolutely magnificent. These are the untouched private places that show us the world is here to be respected.


Please keep exploring, keep wondering, and keep enjoying nature. Being in nature and connected to the earth is one of the most meaningful experiences we can have. 

Our time here is short, so live life to the fullest.

Be Just Not That Way, 



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