Burning Man 2015: Part Two 

For those of you that don’t know, a Sparkle Pony is someone who comes to burning man unprepared for the weather conditions, living conditions, and basically all the survival aspects of Burning Man. It can be anywhere from 100/38 plus degrees during the day, to 20/-7 degrees at night. So warm clothing is an absolutist must. Sparkle Ponies are notorious for not bringing warm clothing.

They only bring costumes for the day times and expect to rely on the kindness of others. (I think I’m a Sparkle Pony.)

However, I aspire to Sparkle Donkey status. Anyone have a problem with that??

If there is every a time to have swear words on your shoes, it is at Burning Man. The accessories make the costume, and it is important to remember… nothing is too wild for Burning Man. Just don’t wear these to a holiday dinner. Unless you’re looking to  shake things up a bit.

Metallic tattoos are, in my opinion, essential for your overall Burning Man style. Some people hate these. Some people see them as a sign of someone who is not a true burner. To that I say nay! Nay Nay Nay!

Sparkle Ponies don’t care about your judgment anyway. Now can someone please give me a blanket?

As mentioned in Burning Man 2015: Part One, the art here is as diverse as the people. Every time you go out onto the playa, you can find a new art piece. Some are so large you can see them from kilometers away, and others are so small that you can only find them if you are almost on top of them.

The same is true for the different camps here. You never know who you will meet or where you will meet them.

For this reason everyone has a totally different experience at Burning Man.

Most of the art here is interactive. Meaning you can climb on it and touch it. If Something is not meant to be climbed on, then there will be a sign telling you not too.

Some people will scale large impossible looking sculptures, but I am not one of those people. My sense of self preservation is too strong for any major monkey business.

I pick the low hanging fruit when it comes to photo opportunities. (I don’t think I am alone in that either.)

One thing to remember is that people come here to have life changing experiences, and to get in touch with parts of themselves usually suppressed in their daily lives.

So, don’t bring your judgement out onto the playa. Burning Man is anti-judgement, and accepts people from every walk of life.

The days here are long, and the music is loud. Your comfort level will be pushed dramatically, so get ready to adapt.

Come here with people you think you can handle this experience with. Of course you will make playa friends, but you won’t see a lot of these people again. Some relationships can grow stronger on the playa and others… well you know.

Being understanding is key out here. You want to ride your bike out to see the man before the burn, but your friend might be having a heat stroke? Well… You need to take care of your friend. This is what life gave you to deal with right now. It’s exactly where you should be and what you should be doing.

Burning Man is about the individuals experience, but taking care of each other is essential.  No one can survive out here alone. Especially if you’re a Sparkle Pony. You are going to need extra help betch.

Also, who would take your photos?!!

Just Not That Way,



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