Burning Man 2015: Watch The Man Burn – Video 

Note: Skip to end for video.

There is something very primal about the burning of The Man. It taps into the destructive side of ourselves. The burn incites a strange mob mentality feeling combined with the surrealism of an action film. It is the biggest bonfire in the United States.

The original Burning Man took place in 1986 at Baker Beach in San Fransisco. Needless to say Burning Man was ‘encouraged’ by local law enforcement to move as far away from civilization at possible. (To make a long story short.)

Now it is held just outside of Gerlach, Nevada on a dry lake bed or playa.

The Man looks different every year. His size and shape may change, but one thing remains constant. He is always burned to the ground.

When the burn is about to happen almost 70,000 people gather to watch The Man burn.

Even with a mile between the burn and the burners, you can still feel the heat on your face.

There are two burns that take place at Burning Man. The burn of The Man and the burn of The Temple.

However, it is the burn of The Man that brings people from all over the world out onto the playa.


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