Beauty Review: ultrasun Sun Protectant


Spending any length of time louging in the Mediterranean sun is hardly a chore. However, we are all constantly made more aware of the taxing effect the sun has on one’s skin. Not to mention spending three days in doors with a painful burn takes away from any holiday experience.

I’ve only discovered ultrasun recently but it has definitely proved its capabilities over the past two weeks. The Swiss research-led brand prides itself on once a day application and has been developed for particularly sensitive skin. I’ve introduced my favourite three products here. image

ultrasun Sports

This takes the form of a transparent gel, it absorbs into the skin incredibly quickly and leaves no sticky residue or strange white tinge. It contains no perfume, no mineral oils, no emulsifiers and no preservatives. Once on, it barely feels as if you’ve applied anything!


ultrasun Glimmer

My favourite product. This protectant has soft shimmer (rather than all out glitter Barbie) effect which makes your skin look stunning in the sunshine. It pumps out as a cream but is quickly absorbed into your skin. The shimmer, and protection, remains even after swimming. ultrasun Glimmer has the same key sensitivity benefits of the Sports gel but with added antioxidants.


ultrasun Face

This tinted sun protection may come out quite dark but is quickly absorbed and gives your face a healthy bronzed glow. I often get little bumps and breakouts from sunscreen on my sensitive skin but I haven’t experienced any of those issues with this product. I did reapply during in the day – I’m very cautious with my face – and have had no sunburn but maintained a healthy facial glow.

Add these to your shopping list for your next sun-filled vacation!

I would never emerge from my suite burned or leather-like…
I’m Just Not That Way.




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