An Introduction: God May Not Judge, But We Do

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God May Not Judge, But We Do is an ongoing series where we delve deep into some of our personal travel pet peeves.

This is not simply a series of diatribes regarding our daily struggles and general dismays. Leading an international lifestyle can expose one to drastically different cultures, however cultural differences aren’t necessarily the focal point of this series.

Navigating the world to the best of one’s ability regardless of culture, is the focus of this series.

We don’t mind stirring the pot a little, because these are our personal opinions, observations, and experiences. You’re not living if you don’t ruffle a few feathers every now and then.

We celebrate cultural and personal differences, but there are some general rules of etiquette that make interacting within different cultures thoroughly more enjoyable on all sides.

Like everything, this involves a learning curve. No one is effortlessly international, even if they want you to think they are. Everybody stumbles, and that’s okay. Be afraid of those who don’t.

Being international takes effort, interest, and thoughtfulness. We certainly wouldn’t always describe ourselves as being perfect little culture ninjas. Sometimes being politically incorrect is more fun anyway.

We aim to not only to complain but to explain why some behaviors go beyond cultural differences and cross over into being completely and totally judge worthy.

We are not the only ones judging.


Just Not That Way

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