Rampila, Malta 

The entrance to Rampila would be easy to miss if you didn’t know it was there. Located on St. Johns Cavalier, Il-Belt Valletta in Malta, Rampila’s entrance is marked only by a simple sign. To enter the restaurant you must first walk down stairs. The restaurant is set in what looks to be an old wine cellar.

This is the perfect environment for a romantic evening meal. A piano rests against a glass partition, and the cylindrical arch frames charming dark tables. It is visually very stunning, and the rounded nature of the walls creates a feeling of intimacy.

A walk through to the back of the restaurant will take you to a large open terrace. White table cloths, vines, trees, and white umbrellas set the tone. This is the perfect environment to lunch in on a pleasant day.

The terrace has one of the most special views in the city overlooking the ancient city gates. Specifically, Rampila’s terrace was originally the bastion emplacements of St. John’s Cavelier and overlooks a protective ditch and the entrance to Valletta. (To know more about the history of Rampila’s location click here.)

Rampila has a small, but carefully crafted wine list, consisting of eighty wines. They have a selection from all of the locally produced grapes which includes some only available in Malta. I ordered a local wine, the Medina~Sauvignon Blanc Delicata.

The food here is fresh, elevated, and beautiful. I ordered the cauliflower soup as a starter and the risotto with octopus and shrimp as my main course. The cauliflower soup was a puree, and the perfect intro to my main course. It was light and filling with a delicate flavour.

The octopus and shrimp were expertly prepared. The amount of pomodoro sauce was perfect and the ingredients were fresh. Simple meals, that are prepared well, are always a treat when I travel.

Malta is definitely the place to enjoy fresh seafood. I encourage any visitors here to take full advantage of this.




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