Bringing Bling On Board: Choose 5

We have recently received a few requests to give some insight into how we pack. Packing for a trip may involve careful planning or grabbing the first things you see as you rush to the airport.

Aim for something in between.


Bracelet: Happy Curves, Chopard

To elevate any outfit: just add jewellery. Beautiful and simple accessories lend to sophistication.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.‘ – Coco Chanel

Travelling with jewellery is a balancing act. One needs choice, versatility and a limited number of items to keep track of.

Firstly consider what you find yourself investing in: a few simple, feminine pieces will see you through a multitude of outfits and situations. Try to choose contemporary classics rather than cult trends. Consider the difference between the Hermès Farandole bracelet and bold Clic ‘H’ bracelets – one is understated and elegant, the other may be considered a ‘status’ symbol. There is nothing wrong with bold pieces and recognizable names. At the end of the day you need to be true to your own personal style.

Next, consider your location. Should you be wearing your drop pearl earrings on a trek up Machu Picchu? Not if you value your ear lobes, but they may be perfect for your dinner at Central in Lima a few days later.

I usually pack the same five pieces:

– A simple necklace
– A ring
– Stud earrings or small earrings
– A statement bracelet
– And, recently, my wonderfully versatile Anabela Chan drops

I pack these pieces because I can alternate between them depending on whether I want to bring attention either to my neck, wrist or décolleté. I have found that a bold piece will bring attention to the piece or your outfit.  A more delicate treasure, like a thin gold chain with a small pearl, will enhance your femininity. It will also provide great versatility.


Earrings: Blackberry Drop Earrings, Anabela Chan

However, some bold pieces can be just as versatile. My current go-to sparkle are these Anabela Chan Blackberry Drops. They are mystically beautiful in the evening. However, their most notable feature, to me, is that the beautiful drops can be detached behind the earring. This leaves the other ‘berries’ on the stud to frame the ears – perfect for daytime occasions.

As an aside, I ALWAYS bring my jewellery in my carry on. You never know what may happen to your checked in luggage and  general travel insurance will have a cap on the extent of cover on your checked in luggage. I prefer my valuables where I can see them.

I like to travel with jewellery that I feel special wearing. It is important for me to have high quality beautiful pieces with me on my travels. With that in mind every time I travel, I take the risk that something may be lost or stolen. This is a factor you need to keep in mind when you are selecting your pieces for travel. If you absolutely cannot replace something, consider this while you pack.

Having a few versatile pieces that always add a glimmer will streamline your packing, traveling and dressing routine.


Ring: B.zero1. Bulgari

Ring: B.zero1, Bulgari. Bracelet: Vinage, Hermes


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