Fontanella Tea Garden: Mdina, Malta 


Fontanella Tea Garden on 1 Bastion Street, Mdina is a charming place to enjoy a glass of wine or meal while you are visiting Mdina. This restaurant is open from 10am until late. It’s one of the few places in Mdina that is regularly open later in the evening.

The bottom floor of the restaurant holds an indoor-meets-outdoor style garden, with fairy lights to illuminate the trees and tables at night. It is fragrant and fresh, but not overwhelming. The overall effect is ethereal and intimate.

A staircase takes you up to the terrace level which is decidedly less ethereal, although you can still look down on the garden level. The view out over Malta from the terrace compensates for the less magical atmosphere.

There is a fairly decent selection of wine here, which is all a girl really needs. The menu is solid, but not terribly innovative. The main draw is the view and the al fresco style dinning. We went for appetizer with wine and a dessert. This is a fried feta cheese appetizer with walnuts and aprticots.

The only disappointment I have with Fontanella Tea Garden is that the garden aspect wasn’t carried up to the terrace level as successfully. 

Mdina is a tourist city, (only 300 locals live here) and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is impacted because of this. This is something that you will need to take into consideration in Mdina, because the majority of people here at any given time will be tourists.

Despite a slight touristic feel at Fontanella Tea Garden, the view lacks for nothing. 

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