Take Your Morning Routine Anywhere in The World in 5 Steps


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The importance of having a good morning routine can never be understated, because it’s the thing that sets the tone for the rest of my day.  I am going to take you through my New York morning routine, and explain how I adjust it when I travel with 5 steps.

  1. Have a regular morning routine at home.

If your at home morning routine is to panic and scramble for what to wear before rushing out the door then what do you expect your morning travel routine to look like? It is one of the worst habits one can slip into, because it will be difficult to slip out of it when you travel.

I suggest you picture your ideal morning at home, and set aside at least 20-30 minutes to dedicate to making it happen. That is to say, if you don’t already have one.

Traveling will often upset your morning schedule, but I encourage you to keep as many of the same morning routines and rituals as you can. It will help you to center yourself in a new environment.

  1. Take key elements of your morning routine with you when you travel.

I suggest you select no more than 5 key elements from your at home morning routine and take them with you when you travel.

Evaluate which steps are crucial in your morning routine. What do you need to do or have in the morning? Note that I didn’t say like to have.

When I travel my morning routine has 4 key elements which are coffee/tea, skin care, hair and nail vitamins, and NPR. Other things can change, but these are the four things I must have in the morning, and I consider them non negotiable.

  1. Make your morning routines simple. 

It is important to have routines and rituals simple enough that they can be taken with you anywhere. This is particularly true for those who travel often.

Simplicity is never more important than in your facial routines.

Deviating from skin care routines can cause all sorts of problems, as I’m sure many of you know. Which is why it is one of the 4 key elements of my New York morning routine and my travel morning routine.

In New York, I usually start off by using a facial cleanser, and follow this up with moisturizer or facial oil. I have favored using Blue Plasma CeansingTreatment by Perricone MD as my facial cleanser lately. I jump around a lot more with moisturizers and serums, but Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil is a product I often use in the morning. After I do this I take my hair and nail vitamin by Phyto Paris.

When I travel, I still cleanse and moisturize, but try to minimize risk of product spill by bringing products that have screw tops or pump tops. Both of the products I mention above are not the best for travel, so I often turn to alternatives. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a go-to of mine, and a fantastic moisturizer for travel. It is good for a diverse variety of climates and not harsh on the skin. Taking my hair and nail vitamin is probably the most simple of my personal key elements, because I only need to remember to pack them.

  1. Accept that the order in which you usually do things will change.

If coffee is the first thing you want in the morning, then you can probably arrange that. However, be ready to adjust if you need to.

For example, when I am in New York I will usually put my coffee on before I start my facial regime. I sometimes substitute coffee with green or black tea depending on my mood. I always have fresh lemon on hand just for this occasion. I also like to have my coffee with me when I am doing my hair and makeup, all while I listen to NPR.

The likelihood that all of these things fall into place exactly where I like them when I am traveling…. is very low.

But you should have some aspects of your morning routine that will always coincide.

Listening to NPR while I do my makeup is a good example of this because it is always guaranteed. I can get it on the NPR website and through the NPR mobile app if I have wifi. So, this aspect of my morning is stable almost wherever I am in the world. I might not be in the right time zone, but that’s okay.

However, my preferred coffee/tea situation… is not so guaranteed. So, I have to make adjustments based on where I am and what is available.

  1. Planning is a must.

You need to actively plan what your morning routines will look like when you travel. Visualize your standard morning routine as best you can in your new environment, however plan to shift things around a bit.

As previously mentioned, if you have a morning routine in place, it will be easy to asses what key elements of your morning routine are essential. Simple key elements are the easiest to incorporate into almost any travel situation, but if you don’t plan… then things become more complex.

Incorporating as many of these 5 steps as you can into your travel plans will go a long way in making your experiences less stressful and less complicated.

Safe Travels,


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