Rainbow Bagels in Williamsburg, NYC

Famous for their rainbow bagels, The Bagel Store is often found on lists with titles like, The Best Bagels in Brooklyn or Top Places to Get Bagels in NYC. They now have two shops in South & East Williamsburg; I went to the South Williamsburg location on 349 Bedford Avenue.

From a purely aesthetic perspective The Bagel Store is a no frills neighborhood bagel shop. Many of the signs are written by hand, and it has that New York deli feel about it. However, the selection of bagels and cream cheeses is all about frills.

They are famous for their using unique flavouring and colouring to make some of their signature multi-coloured bagels. They have rainbow bagels, cotton candy bagels, and seasonal bagels such as candy corn. You can also find cheesy and savory bagels here in various combinations. They even have cragels which is a half croissant half bagel.


If you’re a true bagel connoisseur and my word isn’t enough for you, then never fear. There are reviews in several publications of the The Bagel Store, such as Thrillist / New York, Business Insider, and The Village Voice that you can turn to for further research.

The Bagel Store offers a selection of cream cheeses that is equally as interesting as their bagels. In the photo below you can see below they have some of the more traditional flavour combinations such as maple bacon, but they also have lemon cream pie and nutella for those of you with a sweet tooth.

While a cotton candy bagel sounds interesting, I prefer a more savory flavour when it comes to my bagels. I ordered the poppy seed bagel with jalapeno cream cheese, as jalapeno cream cheese is my go to at any bagel shop. It is also my personal gauge that helps me determine how good a bagel place really is.

After trying The Bagel Store I can say that I would definitely be a return customer. Especially if someone is visiting and wants to go to an interesting place for a bagel. The bagel was good and so was the cream cheese; I can say with confidence that I am not mad at The Bagel Store. The bagel itself is really one of the best I’ve had, but I’m all about that cream cheese life.

The cream cheese here was solid, but my cream cheese to bagel ratio was a little too economical for my taste. The hands down best place I have ever had jalapeno cream cheese is still Brooklyn Bagel, but that doesn’t mean I like The Bagel Store any less.

I think if you are really into trying different, crazy, and unique flavours this is absolutely the best bagel shop in NYC. There really isn’t another place like this in New York, which I am aware of.  I can also say this this is great family bagel shop, and has some serious kid appeal. I can’t imagine a child being so picky that between the colours and the flavours that they can’t find something here.

The Bagel Store has all the fixings of an authentic New York bagel shop, with a unique twist.




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