Celebrating 20K Followers!


We want to issue a special thanks to our readers who have helped us to reach 20K followers on Facebook!

For those of you new to our blog, we are two friends based out of New York City and London with a passion for lifestyle and travel. Our Philosophy is to seek meaningful experiences whether we are at home or abroad. We aim to curate a beautiful life and encourage our readers to do the same!

In the past 4 months, since starting our blog, we have posted about 13 different countries. From packing tips to travel etiquette, Just Not That Way has a lot of new posts coming up that we are excited to share.

Our latest series is God May Not Judge, But We Do. This is an ongoing series where we delve deep into some of our personal travel & lifestyle pet peeves and how to avoid them. Navigating the world to the best of one’s ability regardless of culture, is the focus of GMNJ, But We Do.

Be Just Not That Way,

Katherine & Cristina

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