A Hidden Café in Williamsburg, NYC

This is the hidden Williamsburg restaurant-café you don’t want to miss. House of Small Wonder combines Japanese & New American cuisine in the most Brooklyn way ever.

House of Small Wonder is tucked away behind a wooden wall near the corner of Wythe Avenue and North 6th street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There is no sign to to mark the entrance, and it is easy to walk right by. I should also note that it is cash only here, so come prepared.

The cuisine is a unique combination of Japanese and New American. The menu has an overall comfort food feeling to it. Whether you want soup and a sandwich, savory udon noodles, or all day brunch… you’ll find something satisfying here.

Don’t let the Japanese-American fair fool you. This is a true café, and they make a cappuccino to rival any traditional Italian café. The espresso here is full bodied with chocolate undertones and results in an amazing cappuccino.

Although this space is small, like its name suggests, its interior is big on style. The vaulted ceiling with skylight panels allows light to fill this small restaurant.

Dark painted wood and plants that crawl up the walls channel Japanese inspired themes done with a distinctly Brooklyn flair. The overall feeling here is intimate and relaxed. This is the perfect place for an intimate conversation over a coffee or a cocktail.

While this would be a great spot for either lunch or dinner, I think lunch is the best time to dine here. You can enjoy the natural light that illuminates the restaurant, and you’ll have better photos for Instagram. 😉



P.S. Food and drink menu photos bellow.


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