Moscow’s Top 4 Holiday Shopping Destinations

Moscow has one of the best shopping scenes in the world. Not only to they have high-end luxury brands but also a very interesting mix of Russian designers that you cannot find elsewhere.

These are Moscow’s Top 4 holiday shopping destinations for the whole family.

  1. GUM / ГУМ

If it is holiday cheer you are after look no further than GUM/ГУМ, located directly off of the Red Square.

This is one the world premier shopping centers. The glassed roof is the focal point of GUM. This Neoclassical meets Soviet style architecture is the perfect backdrop to do some serious holiday shopping. The holiday decorations here are reflective of the Russian New Year, with ornaments, candies, trees, and Santa Claus.


GUM features clothing and accessory stores for men, women, and children. Here you will find mostly high-end luxury brands such as Dior and Hermes. They have some mid-range such as Timberland and Twin Set. For a comprehensive list of retailers see the GUM shopping map.

Address: ul Petrovka, 2 | Metro Teatralnaya, Okhotny riad (Театра́льная, Охотный ряд,)  Moscow, Russia

  1. TsUM / ЦУМ

TsUM is a luxury department store that sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Here you can find trusted brands you know and love such as Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Chloe, and Moncler.

The environment here is warm and sophisticated. The window displays at TsUM rival that of Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman.

The women’s shoe salon has an amazing selection of fashionable winter footwear for colder months. No one knows warm fashionable winter footwear like the Russians.

Address: ul. Petrovka, 2, Metro Teatralnaya, Okhotny riad (Театра́льная, Охотный ряд,) Moscow, Russia

3. Detsky Mir department store (Child’s World)

Originally built in 1957, Destsky Mir was the largest toy store in the Soviet Union, and it has stood the test of time. Detsky Mir has over 100 stores spanning seven stories high. In total this department store comes to 73,000 square meters. And despite its large size there is something amazing around every corner.

They have everything from Legos to full sized robotic dinosaurs. This store is a complete interactive shopping experience.  Destsky Mir is what happens when a concept store and a department store collide. The visual displays are akin to art instillations.

Yuri Garagin & Soviet space dog Belka

They have every brand of children’s clothing you could every hope to buy (excluding very high end brands), as well as maternity clothing. It is your ultimate childhood fantasy made reality, and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with children… but good luck getting them to leave.

P.S. There is an employee whose job it is to dress as Waldo and walk around the store… I know because I found him. 😉

Address: Teatralny dr., 5/1 | Metro Lubyanka (Лубя́нка), Moscow, Russia

  1. Tsvetnoy Central Market / Цветной

Star Wars themed manequines in honor of Episope VII

This department store has a great selection men’s and women’s of international and Russian brands at prices that are friendlier than TsUM. With 6 floors in total, you will have plenty to choose from. There is an emphasis on trendy fashion forward brands at Tsvetnoy. You can find everything from Top Shop to Rick Owens here. They also feature some beautiful collections by Russian designers that are sure to make a statement. A full list of brands can be found here.

There is a restaurant on the Colors restaurant on the 6th floor, and a gourmet food market on the 5th floor in case you need a little post shopping treat.

Address: 15, building 1 Tsvetnoy boulevard, Moscow, 127051 | Metro Tsvetnoy Bulvar (Цветной бульвар)


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