Meow Parlour is New York City’s Pemier Cat Café


This is the perfect place for any New Yorker to come unwind and play with cats. 

Apartment living and lifestyle constraints may keep you from having a kitty of your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without your kitty fix. Meow Parlour on the Lower East Side is one of New York City’s most innovative pet rescue and adoption shelters. 

Inspired by the cat cafés of Japan, this adoption facility is a fully interactive cat experience. 

Upon entering the Meow Parlour, you may be able to spot a curious kitty or two lounging in the front window. 

The kitties here come in all ages, and backgrounds. Each of these cats has a unique personality. Some are lethargic lap companions, and others are playful hunters. You will not only find kittens here but adult and elderly cats as well.


The staff at the Meow Parlour are committed to providing these kitties with the best care and that also means finding them the best care givers. All of the cats you meet here are up for adoption. Some of them come in sets of two, as they cannot be separated. Many of these cats are prefect for people looking for a companion to keep their existing cat company. 


Rules for visitors are practical but not limiting. For example you must take off your shoes in the Meow Parlour, and you mustn’t pick up the cats. Of course don’t worry, if you sit down you’re bound to find a kitty or two throwing themselves into your lap anyway. 

So, you will be able to unleash your pent up affections for animals. (… Or babies )


The cats here are comfortable and have free roam of the whole ‘café’, apart from the exits of course. A variety of shelves, ledges, and hiding places are available for the cats to explore. 

Soft pillows are scattered around the floor for humans and felines alike. There is also a small cat door to a back room for cats who prefer not to socialize. 

The cat door for less social kitties can be seen above.

The adjacent Meow Parlour Patisserie is just around the corner, with kitty themed treats that you can either enjoy with or without these furry friends. For those who want to snack on a something sweet while petting something sweet, you may order coffee, tea, and dessert to be eaten in the Meow Parlour. 


There are a few things you should know before coming to Meow Parlour. The first thing is that it is pay by the hour. Also, you can only come here if you make a reservation before hand. There is no direct phone number available, and all reservations must be made online.







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