Flip Through Art Books in This Luxurious Latvian Café

Art Café Sienna in Riga, Latvia is a luxurious café that you don’t want to miss. Located within walking distance of the Old City, this unique café sits opposite the Art Nouveau Museam.

These opulent and warm interiors are reminiscent of the drawing rooms of the old world. Rich mahogany furniture and sumptuous fabrics decorate this space.


White gloves are laid out for those who want to flip through the myriad art books that fill this space. The books here from all over the world and in many different languages. There is something interesting and inspiring for everyone.

Not only is the environment at Art Café Sienna perfect for having intimate conversation, reading, writing, and relaxing, but the staff is accommodating and professional. This is by far one of the more expensive cafés in Riga, but the environment and service is well worth it. Budget a minimum of €20 per person for coffee and something sweet.

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