Monkey Bar, Berlin

High up on top of 25Hours Hotel in Berlin, the Monkey Bar looks over Berlin Zoo. Upon walking in I was immediately struck by the smell of fresh mint, which is kept at the bar to be used in their fabulous cocktails.


The View

From this lofty perch you can look down on the monkey enclosure and aviary whilst occasionally spotting a wandering giraffe. Beyond the zoo is Großer Tiergarten park, the expanse of greenery makes you almost forget you’re in the centre of a European city.


The Lobby


The Terrace


The DJ Deck


The Staged Seating

The Interiors

There is a central open bar full of plants and hanging lanterns. Monkey Bar is a great representation of Berlin’s overall relaxed and art infused aesthetic. Staggered seating with loose cushions facing the windows allows groups to informally sit whilst all enjoying the view over the zoo.

At the end of the bar there is an open terrace overlooking Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church. This is also where the sunset can be enjoyed. Overall, it’s definitely an Insta-worthy location!

A Trio of Hummus

The Cocktails and Food

The cocktail menu features classics and creative infusions with a focus on their gin and run selections – perfect for the environment and sunshine. The food menu is limited to light bar snacks but the adjacent Neni Restaurant can look after you is you’re looking for a full meal.


The Bathroom 

Not usually something I would choose to focus on but the positioning of this bathroom allows you a view on the loo!

I hope you get to enjoy it on your next trip to Berlin! I wouldn’t want to do an afternoon tipple anywhere else…

I’m Just Not That Way,


P.S. What are your favourite cocktails bars? Comment below!


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