Seattle Waterfront & Boardwalk

As a New Yorker I admit one of most charming thing about Seattle is looking out over the waterfront and seeing a vast green mountainside instead of New Jersey. The landscape here is unique to the Pacific Northwest. 

Seattle’s waterfront is exceptionally charming and the perfect setting for an afternoon stroll with several picture perfect stopping points. This is the place to come if you are looking for that iconic shot of the city. Pike Place Market is Seattle’s most famous stopping point, with the notorious fish market and flower stalls that fill with tulips in the spring.

Of course there is also the very first Starbucks that is situated near by for those who want to pay homage to the birthplace of basic bitches everywhere. (I’m one of them, but don’t tell..) While some aspects of the waterfront do cater to a more touristic crowd than I normally would recommend, there are some hidden gems along the way that make all the difference. Family run bakeries and cafes keep the waterfront authentic. Whether you prefer to gaze on from the observation deck, take a turn in the Farris wheel, or wander through Pike Place Market this part of Seattle culture that can’t be missed.




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