What to Expect & How to Dress On Your Trip to Finland

Finland is the ultimate destination for those who love to go explore the great outdoors. Winter sports are big here, but Finland has just as much to offer in the summer time. Fishing and hiking are the best things to do if you really want to take advantage of the Finish summer.

Expect to get rained on.

Admittedly, fishing is more of a guy sport, but it do not let that deter you. Like with anything it’s all about the company you keep. I went fishing a short distance outside of Oravi, a small coastal town that relies on fishing enthusiasts for tourism during the summer months. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket and a hat, because you just might get rained on!

Personally, I am an experienced fisherman and only really learned to cast a line on this trip. I prefer to drink on boats rather than fish on them… That’s my usual modus operandi. I am also terrified of live fish! Who in their right mind isn’t?! Below is a video of me catching a fish, and quietly wanting to die on the inside.

Expect to get out of your comfort zone.

Finland is unique because it has clean unpolluted waters, where fish thrive like no other place in the world. It isn’t uncommon to catch well up to ten pike in an afternoon of fishing if there is a group of three or more people. This is extremely unusual. To put things into perspective, in most places catching even one fish isn’t guaranteed.

Packing List for Finland

Now, if you are planning on going to Finland, even if you are just sticking to Helsinki remember to pack accordingly. It is still a little chilly even in the summer, so light but durable outerwear needs to be an essential part of your packing list. Appropriate footwear is essential if you want to enjoy your time here. This is not the place be a fashion icon. Bring items that you can take on and off throughout the day. In Finland, practicality is the ultimate style statement. Save the Saint Laurent pumps for New York and break out your Canada Goose.

Summer Packing List

Waterproof Boots with Traction

Thick Athletic Socks

Goose Down Jacket


Rain Jacket

Big Cozy Sweater

Thick Knit or Thermal Leggings

Long & Short Sleeve Tee

Tank Top

Warm Hat

Finally, THINK LAYERS! Finland goes hot and cold so be ready to adapt at a moments notice. Remember to plan outfits a head of time so you don’t get stuck being unnecessarily under or over dressed.




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