Passport: USA

Based In: New York City, USA

My perfect afternoon would probably be spent at a beautiful cafe with a few close friends, and good coffee that leads into even better wine. This particular combination is an old classic that I never tire of.

I moved to New York City from Tennessee to go to FIT, and am currently getting my masters degree from LIM. Growing up I was a member of a professional children’s dance company, and have always been drawn to the arts. 

My curiosity about people and culture drives me. It is this fascination with global fashion, lifestyle, art, and politics keeps me interested. I have had the privilege to travel to 26 countries.

Exposing yourself to diverse and cultural experiences the most stylish thing one can do.

Having style is a way of life, not a way of dress. Style is about the whole package and it exists outside of fashion. It is about the way you go through the world. Clothes can project an image to the world, but one’s character speaks louder than one’s facade.

My favorite quote is: “Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” -Tom Ford

Because I’m Just Not That Way,